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Third Sunday of Advent

December 17, 2017

V. Rev. Nicholas J. Irwin, P.P. – V. Rev John J. O'Rourke A.P.
056 8834855 & 086 3298060 – 056 88 34128 & 087 2370899

All Masses from Gortnahoe & Glengoole Churches
are broadcast on 106.6 FM.

Defribulator contact numbers are 086 7749521 or 086 7749713

Christmas Priests Collection
The Annual Christmas Priests Collection is being taken up this Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th December. If you have overlooked it, please contribute as soon as possible.

Christmas Carol Service
Annual Christmas Carol Service will be Gortnahoe Church on this Sunday 17th December at 7.00. Come along and get the wonderful Christmas spirit.

Gortnahoe: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30
Glengoole: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30.

Area Masses
Ballynonty. Monday. Confessions 7.30. Mass 8.00
Inchorourke: Friday Confessions 7.30. Mass 8.00

Parish Special Christmas Mass and Confessions
Thursday night in Glengoole, Confessions at 6.30. Mass at 7.00. Gortnahoe with confessions at 7.30 and Mass at 8.00.

Christmas Holy Communion to all the sick and housebound
Fr. Irwin and Fr. O’Rourke will be visiting with Holy Communion on Thursday and Friday this week. They will gladly visit any person who is unable to be out for Mass and Communion for Christmas. Please let them know of any extra people housebound so that the visits can be arranged.

Masses on Christmas week-end


  • Saturday 23rd 6.30 pm.
  • Sunday 24th 10.00 am and 6.30 pm.
  • Christmas Day 10.00 am.


  • Saturday 23rd 7.45 pm.
  • Sunday 24th 11.15 am and 7.45 pm.
  • Christmas Day 11.15 am.

May God’s Blessing be with you on all those occasions

400 Club December Draw
Parish Development 400 Club December Draw will be on this Sunday 17th Dec. in Gortnahoe Hall after the Christmas Carol Service. Come along and enjoy having your winning name drawn from the drum.

Eucharistic Adoration
Glengoole on Wednesday, 10.00 to 8.00.
Gortnahoe: Thursday 10.00 to 7.00.

Reflection from “The Joy of Love”
“If we fail to learn how to rejoice in the wellbeing of others, and not focus primarily on our own needs, we condemn ourselves to a joyless existence, for, as Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Sale of Work for Gortnahoe Hall
The Annual Sale of Work for Gortnahoe Hall will be on this Sunday 17th December starting at 1.30. This has always been one of the most enjoyable days of the parish and Santa will also be there for all the children. Prove how lucky this year can be for you by supporting the Wheel of Fortune.

Pray for the following

  • Mary Mulligan, Teddington, formerly Inchorourke. Funeral Mass in Gortnahoe Church on Monday next 18th December at 11.30, followed by burial of her ashes in Fennor cemetery.


  • Sean Hickey & Mary Moriarty’s, Urard & deceased members of their families.
  • Anniversary Mass on Saturday 16th at 7.45
  • Paddy Norton, Graiguewood.
  • Anniversary Mass Sunday 17th at 11.15
  • Johnny & Peg Stokes and family members, Sallybog.
  • Anniversary Mass Saturday 23rd at 7.45
  • Kitty Campion, Clonamicklon.
  • Anniversary Mass being offered.


  • John Holohan, Gurteen.
  • Anniversary Mass Saturday 16th at 6.30
  • Paddy, Nora, Jimmy & Tom Corcoran, Glengoole Sth.
  • Anniversary Mass Sunday 17th at 10.00.
  • Margaret Norton, Graiguewood.
  • Anniversary Mass Saturday 23rd at 6.30
  • Kate and Patrick Morris, Poynstown.
  • Anniversary Mass Sunday 24th at 10.00.

End of Year Prayer
All praise and glory are yours, Father of heaven and earth. Lord of all ages you have brought us to the end of another year in your service. We praise you for the gifts you have given us and the ways we have been led to use them for your people and for your world. Amen.

Parish Newsletter Publishing for each week

  • All emails can now be directed to this address:
  • All notices to the E Mail or the priests by Friday at 6pm.

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